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Food, Drink & Wine Club

46 Clubs Found Under Food, Drink & Wine Club.


Created By : dimple333 on 24 Nov 2011 03:53 am , Last Updated on 10 Apr 2012 05:52 am

Anti Alcoholism

Anti Alcoholism [1]
"Alcoholism is a disabling addictive disorder. It is characterized by compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol despite its negative effects on the drinkerís health, relationships, and social standing.The biological mechanisms underpinning alcoho...

Created By : divakar1985 on 28 Nov 2011 02:06 pm , Last Updated on 11 Dec 2011 02:43 am

I love food

I love food [1]
i am a very nice sweet girl with full of love carering and honest i am a very nice sweet girl with full of love carering and honest i am a very nice sweet girl with full of love carering and honest ...

Created By : adalove on 26 Aug 2011 08:30 am , Last Updated on 01 Sep 2011 07:47 am

Fundi Wines

Fundi Wines [2]
A premium South African red wine brand called Fundi is now available in the UK. Fundi supports a novel job creation and skills development initiative in South Africa, with profits from all sales going towards the training of 2010 wine stewards ahead of th...

Created By : abi on 20 Mar 2011 03:08 pm , Last Updated on 03 Apr 2011 07:20 am

Smokers Den

Smokers Den [1]
all those people who drink or smoke should join this club...

Created By : aaaaa3534 on 21 Oct 2010 01:14 am , Last Updated on 24 Oct 2010 02:02 am

Seafood Lovers

Seafood Lovers [1]
Seafood is any sea animal or plant that is served as food and eaten by humans. Seafoods include seawater animals, such as fish and shellfish.Edible seaweeds are also seafood, and are widely eaten around the world, especially in Asia....

Created By : sabal on 16 Apr 2010 12:31 am , Last Updated on 20 Apr 2010 05:27 am

Chefs World

Chefs World [9]
Chefs World...

Created By : sachu on 29 Sep 2009 01:46 pm , Last Updated on 06 Jan 2010 12:42 pm

Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza [2]
Domino’s Pizza,is an international fast food pizza delivery corporation.Domino’s Pizza had a guarantee that customers would receive their pizzas within 30 minutes of ordering, or they would receive the pizzas free...

Created By : patricia258 on 27 Nov 2009 03:54 pm , Last Updated on 27 Nov 2009 06:10 am

How to stop drinking

How to stop drinking [5]
this club is for those who have been drinking all these years and need desperately to stop. come, lets all get together and help each other in living a healthy life. ...

Created By : lovely on 18 May 2009 02:06 am , Last Updated on 11 Jun 2009 04:26 am


Chocolate [18]
well..the club isfor all those people who can live without oxygen but not without chocolates.....

Created By : Rahul on 22 Jan 2009 05:54 pm , Last Updated on 25 Jan 2009 01:03 am

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