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10 Things Girls Love About Boys

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Posted on : 28 Jan 2012 11:57 am
10 Things Girls Love About Boys

10 Things Girls Love About Boys We previously

wrote Things Boys Love about Girls and Tips to attract Girls however, its necessary to know what girls love about boys. Boys must understand what girls want to have in their ideal partner. Sometimes what they girls are looking for in boys may be entirely different from a girl’s point of view. It is important to study and evaluate the psychology a girl and what she is looking for in a boy. Listed below are the ten things that girls look for in boys (not in order of preference though):

1. Honesty and trust worthiness
A very important trait to be present in any boy, or any human being for that matter, is that he should be honest and trust worthy. He should be true in his actions and words. He should be someone on whom you can rely and trust with your secrets or personal matters. In other words, he should be dependable.
2. Financial independence and confidence
Financial independence of a boy refers to the ability to take care of himself. Confidence is very important. About 80%-95% of what all women look for a confident man.

4. Sensitivity
A boy must be sensitive to a girl’s feelings and emotions. He should be caring and show deep thought and feelings for a girl when required. He must be sensitive to other issues in the society too.

5. Sense of humor
A boy with a good sense of humor definitely attracts a girl. Girls love boys who can make them laugh and show them the lighter side of life. Humor should be mature, but not immature. He should have the ability to laugh at himself too.

6. Intelligence and wit
A boy with brains is a prerequisite of many girls. Just as a girl with beauty and brains is always sought after, similarly a boy with intelligence and wit is an essential thing girls love about boys.

7. Good hygiene
A boy with good hygiene is a must for girls. He must be clean and smell good all the time. His nails should be cut, hair should be trimmed, feet should not smell, hands should not be sweaty etc.

8. Good listener
A girl wants to have a boy in her life that listens to each and everything that she says. It makes a girl happy and you never know when you might learn something important. Make sure that you pay attention when she is talking to you. Be considerate and thoughtful even if it the subject does not interest you at all.

9. Physical attraction
A certain physical attraction is necessary for a boy. After all, the first thing that a girl observes about a boy is his physical appearance.

10. Your best Friend
Finally a boy should prove himself to be your best friend. He should be there for you in times of thick and thin. He should be your mentor and your support in tough times. He should advise and help you when you are in trouble. In short, he should be your best friend.
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