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Why Marrying a Younger Man Sucks

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Posted on : 26 Nov 2018 03:14 pm
Why Marrying a Younger Man Sucks

Demi Moore did it. So did Joan Collins. According to the latest poll by Loveawake dating site, unless you’re living in Hollywood or your life is like a romance novel, here are three major reasons Loveawake’s members find why marrying a much younger man is just plain stupid. (My ex-husband is eight years younger than me. I speak from experience...)

1) Younger guys love beer more than you. If they have $10 extra dollars in their wallet, they will buy a six pack every single time. Never mind a nice bouquet of flowers for you.

2) Younger men have lousy taste in movies. If you’re going to the movies together, the film will either have two fight scenes, a few cars blowing up or someone making jokes about their ass.

The last one is dear to my heart because I just became aware of it this weekend. My husband and I have to move. So, we made a deal. He picks out places he likes, I do the same and we keep an open mind. He went first...

The third and final reason why marrying a much younger man is just plain stupid is... drumroll ...

3) They don’t care if they live like they’re still in college! The kitchen of his dream home had a mini-fridge. Perfect for holding a six-pack and not much more. It had a mini-stove. Mustard yellow with two electric burners that looked 80 years old. And, it had a mini-dishwasher. It held about eight plates, but I wouldn’t want to use it for fear of waking up the mice.

Plus, this apartment had two flights of stairs before you even got to the front door, 26 steps! I asked him how I could do that alone with the baby, the stroller, a few bags of groceries ... He said, "You’re able-bodied." That’s what he said. I’m 40! Doesn’t he understand I can barely see to put the keys in the door anymore and my arms are like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons?

It’s time my husband grows up! Or, maybe I just need to start making some adult decisions...
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