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MTV Splitsvilla Episode 4 Summary

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Posted on : 27 Jul 2008 12:48 pm
MTV Splitsvilla Episode 4 Summary

A fresh morning all the girls as usual went to the lounge. The girls were surprised to see the word that was written on the board-“WHO DO YOU WANNA DUMP”. Seeing this all girls started discussion what actually it meant. As Bosky went to her room she found an envelope which contained a message –KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER! For a second all were thinking what’s it all about and what’s it motive as it seemed very fishy. At that moment while they were busy thinking one of the girls received a message which was from Rannvijay, to be at the beach within an hour.

All were set and marched towards the beach with a new enthusiasm and thrill to know about the next task. In the beach Rannvijay was standing with the two boys where they have prepared a bubble bath for the girls to dive in and search the hearts that are hidden under it. Basically there were eight white hearts and one red heart, the girls whoever gets the heart will be on the safe zone. First 3 would be in the safe zone and they would go with the boys for a special date. Wow another change to win the hearts of the boys. The game was going on smoothly but suddenly it took a violent phase. All girls were pushing, tearing each other clothes etc in order to get the heart. This showed that there is a lot of competition in the girls and for then everything is fare in love and war.

The three girls who found the heart first were Ritu, Bosky, Annie.Annie was the one who founded a red heart and rest 2 they founded a white heart. All 3 girls were saved and they will never go to the dumping zone. From the left over the boys need to secure 2 girls Vishal choose Shradha and Varun Prianca as he wanted to know her more. Anubha, Henna, Yamini, Anna who were in the dumping zone were in a bad luck as this time there was no Vodaphone second chance. After the competition all went to Splitsvilla and had rest as all were quiet tired.
After a good sleep when Annie woke up she received a messsage from Rannvijay. She was given a chance to talk with any of the boys of her choice. She was quiet easy with Vishal so she rang him up. They had a nice conversation; Vishal too liked Annie, as he found her quiet sweet and soft spoken.

Special date of All: This date was considered by the boys and girls as one of the most romantic date. All the three girls got a chance to meet the boys and make a special place in there heart. Annie presented a heart to Vishal, he was so happy after getting it but when he found that the same was also meant for Varun he was little bit disappointed.

In the meantime as the girls were enjoying there dates, Rannvijay entered splitsvilla and as usual called upon the girls in a sweet and roaring voice to come downstairs. As the girls were seated he announced a surprising news – the girls who were in the dumping zone would not be secured by the boys but by the girls. Hearing to this all the girls was disappointed as they didn’t found it fare enough. Now here the problem arise that in this battle the girls will take out there personal grudge and hatred out.

Plotting started within the girls whom to dump and whom not to. All the girls were told to write down the name of the girl whom they want to dump on the card. At the dumping zone a special guest was invited, none other than Raghu Ram. He then told the 4 girls who were in dumping zone to write down the names of those girls whom they think that they will not dump them. One by one the girls on the secured zone disclosed the girl name that they wanted to dump and it went on and on. At the end the 4 girls were told to disclose the names of the girls whom they have written on there cards.

Anubha – Shruti,Shradha, Annie
Heena - Ritu, Prianca, Annie
Yamini - Shruti, Minakshi, Annie

When Annie was told to disclose her card she said Yamini name to which everybody was shocked and Yamini heart was broken as she broke her heart. As from the very beginning Annie used to tell her that whatever happens but she will never stand against her. All the clues and hints were given to the girls before starting the game but nobody was able to understand and they not even tried to utilize it. The main priority was holding the trust of one another. As Annie broke the trust she was dumped out of splitsvilla.
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